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About AirForce International

AirForce International as the name implies, is a new company that will join AirForce Airguns in the expanding realm of pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airgun systems.

The new company will be importing and distributing some of the finest pre-charged shooting systems the rest of the world has to offer.

“I have been going to IWA and other international shows for years and seeing great pre-charged airguns,“ commented Auto-Numatic CEO John McCaslin. “Most of them are fairly expensive, and generally not imported into the US in any quantity. We felt it was time to capitalize on our experience marketing PCP airguns in the US and offer some of these other designs through the distribution channels developed by AirForce Airguns and BKL Technologies. It was time American airgun enthusiasts were able to buy these pre-charged guns.”

AirForce International is negotiating with top airgun craftsmen in Europe to be able to bring those names to America.